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15 February 2010


Karen D

I agree - I spend plenty of time wasting minutes either on the internet or in front of the boob tube (TV) - I am the only one not giving myself the time to do the things that will really feed my creativity!


This is awesome! Thank you for the reminder that "Time waits for you to do something with your life."

Amelia Critchlow

Hi there,

yes, I agree. If you have a burning passion then somehow time finds itself, unless you have dire circumstances to deal with of course!!!

I definitely don't do the news (can't handle it as much as anything else!) and TV is a no no for me (or the occasional treat!) but there are still time consumers I have to fight off so I can 'create' instead. It normally involves stirring dinner with one hand and trying to finish a piece of art work with the other :)

Brilliant stuff - so glad you are going for it!



It's why my kids never have matching socks- somethings just don't matter, or more importantly, some things matter more. I save countless hours for things like writing by grabbing the first socks I find, or better still, have them find their own socks.


PS. Nice photo (hehe).


mmm that is so true, not just for writing but if you want to do anything creative, this always gets put on the backburner with the no time excuse.. thanks for the references too, interesting reading!


Yes, that's definitely it: if there's a will, there's a way. I too wish that things were a little easier sometimes; I am one of those people who can't function on just three hours worth of sleep but I can function even less when I have spent ninety minutes reading depressing news. Spare me...


Just discovered your blog, through Amelia (101birdtales)......love your writing, I don't think I dare put down how many hours I fritter away social networking *hangs head in shame*.....think some digital downsizing is in order!

Looking forward to reading more from you:)



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