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22 February 2010


Amelia Critchlow

you are so right. It is about full on, unwavering committment to oneself and one's art. There are times I even feel like 'giving up' with the sheer hard-ness (for want of a better description) of parenting: not knowing if I am getting it 'right', if anyone actually appreciates or cares! but then there is something that drives you forward. And yes, it is through the doubts and perceived errors that one has to commit even harder.

Maybe you can tell yourself something that will make you actually enjoy the process :) even if it's some thought of a perceived end product! My dad once told me this (he said 'enjoy them because you chose these subjects because you like them' - about exams), I can't believe how much it changed my perception the next time I walked into an exam of mine!

Good luck you! You write so fabulously!



PS. I have just put out a shout about my art e-course and just feel soooo nervous it's unbelievable. I have so much invested in this like you say!!! X

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