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17 February 2010



I have always wanted to read this. Booklife is also a brilliant book too - its my current 'theory' book :)

Amelia Critchlow

wwwowwwwwwwww - fan-f*@king-tastic post that I had to swear!!!! I TOTALLY and UTTERLY agree. And those that dare to do, and act, and honour that flame will find their lives open in such miraculous ways, and how do I know? Because I have fought tooth and nail to be that un-supressed creative in the total face of adversity! You rock!



Hey thank you! It's on my 'next order for Amazon' list.


Very well said! I love this book, too. I never understand people who don't even try to find their creative centers. People who say "I'm just not a creative kind of person" lose out on so much in life. It saddens me that they don't even seem to want that, when life to me without that would seem very barren.

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