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05 February 2010



Steph, congratualtions on this new venture. My guess is that we will have the chance to see pieces of your soul in each post, that will be such a gift for your readers!

I look forward to read more. And of course, I have to get Snoopy's guide to the writing life!

A big hug for you my friend.

From Mexico,


Amelia Critchlow

Hi there,

well done! This is great. You have set up so much here - I want to read all the books!!

Well you did do a lot as a child and so you shall continue now it seems! So much good luck to you, you deserve it.

I have just taken the plunge to write about something close to my heart and it's a bit longer than usual. If you have a mo, do have a look.

I will be back, and thank you for such a lovely supportive comment on my previous post!



What a beautiful site! You've got a follower in me...


I love that writing prompt!

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