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01 March 2010


Amelia Critchlow

helloooo - this is sooo interesting. I believe that when we get in touch with that 'inner' inspiration; the muse within maybe, and then act on it, this is the route to our 'success' in life - on whatever level you choose to interpret that :)

Have you read any of Kathleen Raine's work, particularly about the difference between fantasty and imagination? Absolutely fascinating. I would love to do a post on this. As you can imagine these are the sorts of conversations I have with my father! :)

Let me know the dates for the book fair and you never know there may be a place to stay ;)



Great stuff, Steph. Really great.

Marisa (Good Good)

A thought provoking blog-it-forward. Thanks for sharing!


this was interesting. i've even copied some of the book titles to the right, thanks for sharing!

the delicious home | charmaine

Thank you for the introduction, Stephanella. I enjoyed reading your essay on inspiration. Very interesting perspective. I truly love your last line on writing and inspiration--beautiful, "It's like the sun and the air, like day, night, hunger, happiness and pain, like the seasons, the wind and the sea: it never goes anywhere. It is always right here." Nice meeting you! Charmaine

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