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31 March 2010


London Agent

Been an agent for almost fifteen years and I can tick almost everything off this list. One year I received a spec query buried within a bunch of roses. This was for a romance novel which started with: 'Who said romance is dead?'. They were beautiful but... I returned them and the query with them. Nice site.

do you mind if i knit

Very interesting! I get approached by people who want me to illustrate their stories, the ones they've been making up for their beloved children, (the children adored them). My father-in-law writes the occasional article for the Telegraph, and periodically goes on about me illustrating a story about a robin, that's the story he's been thinking about for the last ten years. My husband even claimed that he could write children's stories because he has written so many legal letters. It's terrifying for me, I can't imagine what it's like for agents and editors. Just as an aside, the doggies are vaccinated, apparently there has been kennel cough sweeping over this area, he said there was an extraordinary amount around, maybe there's a new strain that is rearing it's ugly little head. Have a good Easter. Vanessa x

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