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07 April 2010



Delighted to find Wynford Hicks has put his expertise into print. Years ago when I was training as a journalist I went to his style courses - and still cherish the good habits he taught.

Livvy Unwin

Hello, I've found you for the first time tonight through the pages of 'Mslexia' - I was trawling through all sorts of sites mentioned there when I happed upon yours and became thrilled and excited by your clarity and helpfulness and well-written, clear-sighted posts. I'm going to find the Twyla Tharp book - that sounds wonderful, and I've just added you to my blogroll.
Very, very pleased to 'meet' you.


You're so lucky Roz! I think he is fabulous and so is this book.

Livvy, gosh... I don't know what to say, you make me blush! But thank you very much! To know that what I write here is helpful and/or entertaining is the greatest reward. Thanks again (and tell your friends, haha!).

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