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05 April 2010



Your MA student reminds me of a young girl who used to work for me- she filed my AMEX statement under "T" for "The" bank statement and put stamps on the wrong corner of the envelops- "Yeah, well,what can you do?".
What's the name of the dictionary that gives you the names of obscure things, like bones in the hand and parts of a ship, with pictures to help you identify them? That's my favorite, reduces the amount of times in your writing that you have to say "thingemebob". Irony, of course, is that I'm need it for this comment...


well, what can I say?

I have my abridged dictionary, my thesaurus and my etymological dictionary - I still probably have a lot to learn though!



That really made me laugh... filing the AmEx statement under T... good grief...! My encyclopedic dictionary is also partially illustrated and has some of the pics you describe. I definitely remember the pic of a transatlantic with all tiny details marked out and named.

And Amelia, I think we could all start by reading a dictionary. I don't know but... there is something really appealing about the idea of plonking myself on a park bench with a thick dictionary. There is something very... Margot Tenenbaum-esque to it... I should try it (minus the fur coat and the hideous loafers)


funny - that's exactly what my son did the other day: went and fetched the dictionary from the shelf and started reading through it!!


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