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31 May 2010


linda dacey

Great post and entralling blog; need to visit often to absorb properly! I am a visual artist/antique dealer living in Northern France and I KNOW we can all draw and write, only perhaps not as we would like too. I have never been great at sketchbooks or journals and prefer to use loose sheets; still a pristine white page is intimidating. So I buy old books, whitewash the pages and the pressure to be perfect is off. Recently I have started a blog, (please pop by), which is I guess a form of journal... Be back soon thanks Linda


I love journalling more and more now as it's so virulently spoken about on the net!

I want to get this book as well . . . .

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - motherhood is tough, in whatever guise! but we soldier on into the unknown learning along the way!

Thanks for your support!



I can relate to not wanting to deface pristine notebooks with 'whining' hahahah
So I fill them with ranting instead- no just joking
A beautiful and inspirational post

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