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19 May 2010


Sophie Playle

Great interview. Good mottos, Nik!


Aha, a fellow fountain pen using writer! What is your favourite brand/colour of ink? Do you change colours for editing? Enquiring minds (okay, maybe just mine!) need to know.

BTW, great interview Nik.


I also love fountain pens, they're the best!

Nik Perring

Thanks for having me, Steph! It was fun!

Sophie - thank you! They work for me!

Hi Sam - good to see you here. My main pen's a Pelikan M200 (with 400 nib) (though I do have a couple of 50's Pelikans I use too) and I use, almost exclusively, Pelikan brown ink - it seems to dry far quicker than any others I've tried (though Montegrappe was good too). So I think I'm definitely a Pelikan convert (I used a Lamy 2000 before that, which was just a little too thick).

Nope, I don't tend to change colours for editing, mostly because I'll edit, seriously, once the story's been typed up and printed out. What are your weapons?

Steph - they certainly are!

Thanks again all


Tania Hershman

Great interview, I love the question about writing motto - Get To the Point is such an excellent one! Thanks Nik and Stefanella.

Nik Perring

It's a flash thing, isn't it Tania?


My fountain pen is a Bulgari one with a nice, thick flow of blue ink, just as I like it. I'm not entirely sure that such a superb pen is worth it, as I'm ever so slightly paranoid that I will lose it and always think, 'GASP, WHERE IS IT?!?! DID I DROP IT IN STARBUCKS?!?!' even as it is sitting on the crack of the Mole right in front of me. Or maybe *it is* worth it, it's just that I've already started developing Alzheimer's...

Nik Perring

I know exactly what you mean! Which is why I'd never spend a fortune on one (I find the dearer ones less comfortable to use actually!).

Yours sounds good!

Annie Clarkson

Brilliant interview, can;t wait to read this, it's a gorgeous looking book

ps one day you are going to read alongside Aimee Bender and you'll be very embarrassed about admitting your crush in public ha!

green ink

Love, love, love writing with fountain pens.

Great interview with a guy I greatly admire! Good stuff! :)

Nik Perring

Thanks Annie! (I don't think it's all that much of a secret!)

And thank you too, Green Ink - that's lovely to hear.


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