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10 May 2010



One important thing to remember is that you are exercising a choice not to write. Whatever your personal agent of inner darkness tells you about it you really are only electing not to write despite the consequence of you and yours eating cold economy Tesco beans for tea / taking a pasting from those who expect you to write / continued feelings that you are a hopeless turd (delete as your situation demands).

While you are waiting for conditions to change you can ready yourself by moving away from the comfort of sitting by the fire and whittling sticks, and try reading stuff that annoys the hell out of you - the internet is a great source of material, and often gives the the chance of writing an inane and insane comment at no personal cost.

Of course there is the possibility that you are, in fact, a hopeless turd - in which case take the hint and whittle away.

Michael Collins

Thanks, Stephanella. The censoring side of things certainly strikes a chord with me. I think it's only in very recent times that I've taken the 'to hell with it' approach, and begun to enjoy writing again.

Susan Quinn

I so know the allure of the new projects, although I manage to fight off the rest of those pretty well. Shiny! New! Ack.


Lunc, well said, although I cannot say to have met many turds which whittle. Usually, they like to stick.

Michael, I didn't really know self-censoring existed in this sense until a friend of mine told me that she feels the need to write 'dry', so to speak. I don't think writing can be enjoyable like that.

Susan, I am exactly the same as you. It also affects my knitting and crocheting, that's why I've got projects going on every set of needles I own.

JR Stone

A great post that highlights the many pitfalls writers create for themselves. I know the self-doubt monster is a big one I face.

The self-censoring point is really tricky. I'm writing for a YA audience, and everytime I feel my character is about to curse, I tone it down. I'm constantly telling myself I can't write this or I can't write that. It does get in the way.

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this things.

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