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07 June 2010



"Creative" is too much defined as a type and an outcome rather than an approach, in business and life. To be creative means toake new things, either out of whole cloth or pieces of other things. Many creative souls are artists, but creativity exists within all of us and has a place in everything we do.

Business depends a lot on control and conformity. That makes "new" an obstacle. The issue for business is that it creates a ghetto for creative expression -- a strategy process or a suggestion box. Jar like art has forms -- painting, short stories, photography -- that creative people use to express themselves, businesses needs form that allow people to be creative without being self-conscious or worried.

Great post. (This would be at the top of the comment, but I'm lost inside my iPhone text entry box.)


Oh gosh this is so true. And that is precisely the problem. When I didn't have a creative job, I felt the need to keep my creative endeavours to myself. When they sort of slipped out, I was always looked at with suspicion, just in case I was glassy-eyed for five minutes thinking about my whatever-fill-in-the-blank, as opposed to being glassy-eyed because it happens to all of us from time to time. Being creative upsets the way things are done and if you work in the corporate world (or in age-old institutions, say libraries or most universities), well... good luck with your creativity! You're gonna need it (both the luck and the creativity, if only to keep you sane).

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