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02 June 2010


green ink

Talk about coincidence - I found Nail Your Novel the other day and am rather hooked. I'm finding it a really valuable resource - my inner critic doesn't know what's hit it! Thanks so much for writing it and sharing it with us Roz.


Yes, isn't it great?! I tell everyone I know about it!


@Stephanella @Greenink - wow, your feedback has made my day, thank you!
And as for my belt... today's is silver cracked leather with a square copper buckle :)


I found "Nail Your Novel" to be extremely helpful as well. I am a beginner, and most of the writing books that exists are just too philosophical for those who need the brass tacks/hard facts for how to get it done. Don't get me wrong, I love philosophy, but we I am trying to accomplish something, I want to really know how it is done. And Roz's book does that - I read the whole thing in one sitting and was excited to get started. I actually downloaded the e-copy off of Lulu for those that can't wait to get their hands on it - but it is worth buying the actual book.


Thank you, Cindy! That's precisely what I set out to do. There comes a time when you want to get on with the job - and I've seen over the years that a lot of people are making it much harder for themselves than they have to. Hence my book!
I'm working now on an expanded version - so if any of you guys have feedback on things you would like me to explain in more depth, or aspects of writing that you feel should be included, drop me a line.

Sarah Salway

Great interview. I am instantly impressed by a woman who writes in beautiful high heels, but was nodding away to lots more that she said too. Great writing motto - sums up everything that's important. Suddenly, I need to find her book!

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