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10 June 2010



What's a sports range? And Marmite? Are you going to have a Glossary of terms in the back for us Yanks? LOL. I like the name of the book and the plot. Except for a few typos, you're off to a good start.


Gosh Celise, you're calling it a 'book', why thank you, I feel it's more like... ehrm... a 'concept' right now, haha! As for Marmite... oh... suspense! It's a very polarising item here but, obviously, I am in the LOVE IT camp.


I am one of those Australians who can take or leave Vegemite, so I'll let you have your Marmite, baby! ;) If I had to pick I'd be more in the Promite camp.

I'm certainly not brave enough to put any of my novel up yet, so I applaud you Steph! The whole synopsis sounds fab (particularly the chef's daughter) and I think you've made a great beginning! Is it going to be a YA novel, or an adult one? Keep us posted! Hope you keep the energy going strong with it.


PS: Ratatouille is one of my favourite films!! I found it very inspiring too, especially that little Ego speech! Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? We watched it last night, it was great - I think you'd like it!

CoffeeJitters (Judy Haley)

I was struck and inspired by the quote by the food critic in Ratatouille as well. I love that movie.

I love the fact that you are putting pieces of your novel out here. I've got some fiction I'm working on, and it's making some progress from amorphous swirls of images and ideas to commitment to paper, but I hadn't thought about posting parts of it to my blog. That's something for me to think about.


Oh Phil, I love Vegemite! I love them all, but I must admit that a Steph's Special, as it is known at my place, is a little toastie with cheese, Marmite and mustard, preferably French! As for Sugar Rush, it is a children's book, 9-12 age range, the sort of things that Jacqueline Wilson writes. I haven't seen Cloudy, but I am sure I'd love it. And do I sense that you like stuff with FOOD in it?!

Judy, I think that it was much more nerve-wracking the other day than it would be now. I am looking at that piece and think, so what, what if someone tells me it's crap? It ain't gonna kill me! So it was fun to share something I NEVER share, because I am a non-fiction writer, but in fear I found liberation!

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