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11 June 2010



what a beautiful quote! Cloud-watching ah, that is something I should do more of . . . it suits the dreamer in me.

Thanks for the RT for art ecourse etc and I've re-opened gift grants today if you want to spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! :0


PS. happy writing with the binduwiles project!


That sounds like a very relaxing activity

the fallen monkey

*sigh* How lovely to know such a society exists...and as of two years ago, I do live in England, so have come to know a lil' somethin' about the clouds as well :) I'm looking at them right now, in fact, out the window that was not long ago streaming in the sunlight. They're too congealed into one another for identifying any recognizable shapes, but I am taking in their spectrum of color...they look like dabs and flicks of grey, indigo, violet, silver, and taupe paint from the tip of an impressionist's brush, their underbellies tickled by the green leaves flittering beneath them.

Brambly Thicket

This made me so happy! The quote is just so wonderful and The Cloud Appreciation Society. Sigh. I think I may have to buy myself a membership.

I found you through Bindu Wiles. I am so glad I followed your link.

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