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28 June 2010



Hi Stephanella,

thank you for this. I am soooo very rubbish at doing the blog award whatsit thingy! I have had a few which I've never done anything with . . . . . maybe I should start. But first, let me say thank you for the award, it's nice to know you think I am a versatile blogger. It's really interesting to hear what you like too, it gives a picture of the you behind the wonderful and outstanding writing . . . . :)


Brambly Thicket

What a delightful surprise on a Monday. Thank you so much. I have never gotten a bloggy award before. I will go home to my blog now and do my best to muster up 7 things and pass on the award to others--after I follow all of your links and check out these other versatile bloggers you've listed, of course.

Thanks again!

Leah Raeder

Steph, thanks so much for the honor!

I can't believe you speak fondly of winter in Chicago, though. Clearly there is something wrong with you. But I guess you'd roll your eyes at me if I rhapsodized about a rain-softened English lea, right? :P


Hi Steph.
What a cool surprise. Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoy visiting my little online home. I'm discovering some interesting gems amongst your other choices.
And yes, I agree with Leah regarding your fondness of icy temperatures ;) x


Steph, I hardly know where to start. Your pic in Vogue has to be the coolest thing this side of a shopping trip in icebound Chicago. And those shoes... My favourites are the nude-coloured slingbacks on the far right. And the paws.
And... I also used to draw comics for my Barbies to enact! So not only have you and I been corresponding this week about the coincidence of you knowing the place I grew up, it seems you also had one of my childhood habits!
So glad I nominated you for this - it's been a pleasure getting to know you better. R x


Love the pic of William's paws in with the shoes!! Classic!!

Thank you for nominating me you gorgeous thing! xx


Thanks very much Steph. It's been great to see something new about you again. I'll do mine soon :)

Sarah Salway

Just look at the cake. And those shoes! And my award... Thanks x

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