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21 July 2010


Kristen Ethridge

I'm so glad you've posted this interview with Jody! She's a breath of fresh air. Her blog always has great, down-to-earth advice, and she's generous in sharing the details of the journey with others. I'm so looking forward to reading Jody's book when it comes out.


Jody is one of the most amazing women I've ever run across. She is disciplined, fun loving, an amazing writer, and a godly woman. I can't wait to have her books line my shelf!

LOVED this interview! AWESOME!

Katie Ganshert

Great interview!

Keli Gwyn

Steph, I loved the questions you asked Jody. Great job!! I, too, am IMPRESSED by her--and by your interview.

I've been privileged to read Jody's second book, and the words depth, passion, and compelling are spot-on descriptions. It's easy to see why Bethany House snapped her up. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of The Preacher's Bride so I can enjoy that story as well.

Like so many, I admire Jody for the way she gives back to the writing community in her blog and her social networking. She said "the writers I admire the most are the ones who make an effort to connect in a real way with others." Jody does this and serves as a great example of how to conduct ourselves in cyberspace.


Thank you, thank you, I am really pleased you enjoyed the interview! But what else can I say... she *is* super!


Lovely to get to know Jody a little more. I've enjoyed her posts so it's great to see you've been giving her the treatment here. I especially liked her comment about being 'an ordinary writer'. We all start as 'ordinary writers', dabbling for the love of it, always coming back and trying a bit harder because we believe we could be that little bit better.

And wearing off the N key! I wore off the entire middle section of my last keyboard so that whenever I created a new password for a website I had to use just the outer keys.

Stephanella, your perceptive questions definitely get the best out of your interviewees.

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