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07 July 2010


Rosalind Adam

Congratulations on such a positive response from Danny Gregory and yes, there are so many people out there writing so much good stuff. I do understand the awkwardly happy syndrome - having problems a bit like that myself just now.

Some co-incidences are funny though. I loaded your blog, was reading the heading 'serendipity' with your photo alongside when my TweetDeck flashed up your photo with a tweet comment from you to someone else. It made me laugh.


Oh thanks so much Rosalind! I guess I am blabbing about here, there and everywhere these days! Thanks so much for stopping by!


I've just discovered you through your comment on Danny's blog, and had exactly the same feeling with his book, kicked me off drawing again properly, and through his EDM group have discovered a wealth of talent and fascinating people that have shaped and coloured my life. I've tried pushing his book on various people, some with more success than others, and will still continue! Love your way of writing, very inspirational, thankyou.

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